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Then had been another fluff-bit, with the contestants all dishing how much they love each other, aka The Clan. Most interesting was Erin Andrews' comment that they and Kate Gosselin text back and forth wonderful deal and that they likes to determine the mom of eight come back to town on Mondays for the show. Say what? But anyway.

Tom seguewayed quickly perfect review of the judges' leaderboard. The cliff's notes version: Evan Lysacek on top; video buzz at the base. Badda-bing. Then, naturally, more Dancing however Stars results as comedienne Niecy Nash was named safe to enjoy dancing again. Three down!

Dancing an issue Stars 2010 week three began on the other hand with the celeb/pro partners descending into the ballroom over the grand stair case. Several of the contestants cut impressive figures with their costuming for that week; pop star Nicole Scherzinger was mostly boobs in a sailor-themed number, while hot stuff actress and model Pamela Anderson confused in the pure white gown; Pam in white? Hmm.

Last week's bottom two survivor Pamela Anderson and partner Damian Whitewood were up next on DWTS. Pam shared during the pre-dance segment that her experience the actual red light left her in tears, but noted that genuinely her own kids had voted. Iconic figure Charo dropped by rehearsals to allow Pamela certain techniques and was impressed using she showed.

The Skylab was earlier space station that u . s . had launched into orbit. From 1973 to 1979, this 75 tonne station was in Earth's orbit. It's purpose was to study gravitational Insolites anomalies in other solar systems, but was curtailed as a result lack of funding and interest. The station was visited by crew 3x in 1973 and the 1974 season.

So, who on that list does cause me to pause and remember? In the top of my list is Neil Armstrong. Many summer days found a much, much younger me on my back in a local park smelling the grass and gazing in the sky anticipating sight of anything flying higher than local pigeons. Back then, summer clouds were magical, big, puffy, and floating by so slowly and.

There are many website via intenet for children to guide about space along with the galaxies. Here is a great link for many websites so that children can learn more information our space.
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